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linux system administrator jobs

  • Give specific assistance/answers for a wide extent of events and customer requests through a set up bother ticketing system 
  • Support/Manage Redhat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) working structure on VM or x86 gear. 
  • Support/Manage Legacy Unix Solaris on Sparc or AIX on pSeries.
  • Structures and takes care of Linux/Unix servers and techniques, system prosperity watching, to ensure raised degrees of execution, availability, and security. 

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Managed Service Provider

ExterNetworks is a Managed service provider offering 24/7 network monitoring, noc services, IT help desk 

services & On-Site Installation services to companies of all sizes

Externetworks provides a variety of enterprise solutions for network connectivity and managed services that 

enable large businesses to simplify the complexity of their network in the face of dynamic innovation.
ExterNetworks provides a broad range of Managed IT Services. Our team of highly qualified
and trained professionals are always ready to assist you around the clock.

Technical Expertise
We possess a wealth of technical expertise across our global locations, uniting the brightest talent with the 

latest industry qualifications.

Seasoned Talent
Led by a top-notch panel of key executives, ExterNetworks is staffed by a team of seasoned talent who knows 

exactly what it takes to deliver out-of-the-box, industry-leading IT solutions to our clients successfully.


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Juniper Network Certified Internetworks Professional

A Juniper Network Certified Internetworks Professional installs and manages advanced Junos operating system security features. They are also responsible for providing advanced coverage of IPsec deployments. Certified Professionals must have in-depth knowledge of advanced security technologies.

Professionals must have a strong knowledge of subjects such as advanced security policy, virtualization, NAT, high availability, IPsec, Junos Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and IPS initial configuration. They are responsible for resolving issues related to scanning and reconnaissance as well as blocking attacks and troubleshooting and reporting.

A Juniper Network Certified Internetworks Professional must troubleshoot Junos Security. They also play an active role in IPsec implementations. They are further responsible for IPsec VPN case studies and for providing solutions. Certified Professionals must have a strong understanding of Junos Layer 2 packet handling and security features, virtualization, AppSecure, and advanced NAT concepts.

More Info: Juniper Network Certified Internetworks Professional