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Jay Ritchlin, David Suzuki Foundation, Canada
Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Ocean Conservation
The David Suzuki Foundation is a charity that helps Canadians find solutions to living within the limits of nature. We focus on environmental rights, climate and energy solutions and protecting and restoring biodiversity. We have a long history of protecting oceans and working for healthy marine spaces to support communities and ecosystems. This presentation will discuss our work to reform destructive fishing practices such as trawling, fix systemic problems like the lack of recognition for the importance of habitat as essential to species recovery and advocate for innovative approaches to marine spatial planning and protection. Our work supports engaged community leaders, implementation of evidence-based scientific policies and practices and collaboration with First Nations to achieve environmental goals in their traditional territories. 
Theme 4: Physical and anthropogenic disturbance in submarine canyons, conservation and marine policy
Oral Presentation
environmental rights, oceans protection, essential habitats, marine spatial planning